The Dynamic Balance method can be used to create Community Health Collaborative in any part of the United States or its territories. Dr. Dan Berman has explored the future of healthcare with clients ranging from universities to community health and mental health centers, physician group practices and networks, hospital system networks, healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs, and critical healthcare venture investors as a healthcare speaker, writer, and consultant. Dr. Berman is also an adjunct professor at Walden University, Nova Southeastern University, the University of South Dakota, St Francis University of Pennsylvania, and the St Joseph’s University of Pennsylvania. His educational interests at these universities include but are not limited to, Graduate Programs in Nursing Management and Leaders, Healthcare Innovation, and Healthcare Administration, to name a few.

Making Healthcare Leadership Decisions

Dr. Dan Berman devised Dynamic Balance, a proprietary management decision-making tool. There has been considerable worry over the years about how to conserve healthcare expenses while yet ensuring that funds are available to help people who are uninsured or underinsured. The Burning Question that the Dynamic Balance assists Administrators in answering is:

How does the healthcare facility/agency provide high-quality care to all patients despite limited financial resources? This is balanced against the aim to accomplish the Social Justice goal of providing equal healthcare to all people.

What Is the Dynamic Balance and How Does It Work?

The administrator must balance all of the dynamic pressures while making decisions about the utilization of care and resources. The outside forces of government, economic, and consumer demands are among these forces, as are the consumer’s healthcare needs, the facility’s budgetary needs to be sustainable, and the outside forces of government, economic, and consumer demands. Every day, the leadership of the healthcare facility/agency feels the weight of these forces as they are exerted by diverse stakeholders.

The ultimate purpose of this methodology is to ensure that the healthcare facility/agency maintains a dynamic equilibrium of these pressures.

The Dynamic Balance’s Success

The Dynamic Balance has been utilized to assist hospitals and healthcare organizations in defining their mission, solving complicated problems, and increasing revenue.

  • Assisting the County Commissioners of a Model Indigent HMO in saving $6 million over five years
  • Assisting a Community Mental Health Agency in resolving a regulatory and consumer-driven complaint so that the Community Mental Health Center could continue to operate without interruption
  • Assisted Hospital and Health System Determine the financial sustainability of developing and implementing a Provider Network.
  • Assisting a government-funded HIV organization and HMO in saving $750,000 by enhancing physician efficiency. This was accomplished by implementing physician protocols that were required due to cost savings while maintaining the high quality of care using the Dynamic Balance.

How to work with Dr. Berman to implement Dynamic Balance at your facility or agency

  • Dr. Dan Berman can come in for 90 days and train your executives and leaders in the usage of this method by applying the principles to real-world decisions in your operations.
  • If your facility is experiencing a crisis, Dr. Berman will assess the situation and establish a plan to address it.


Dr. Dan Berman


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