Dr. Daniel Berman, Personal Bio


With over 30 years of healthcare, social services, athletics, and mental healthcare experience, Dr. Dan Berman has emerged in the healthcare community, as a highly recognized observer and thought leader on the deep domestic forces changing US Healthcare through dedicated achievements to the healthcare industry at large. Dan has been innovative in the necessity of creating viable solutions to these key issues through his own life experiences in athletics and healthcare field. As a young boy growing up in an urban housing project in the Boston Area, he experience directly the healthcare disparities and the problems with access to care, as well as access to prevention resources. As a result of exposure to this life experience and then twenty five years as a provider and executive in healthcare delivery, Dan was inspired to create a dynamic model and published The Healthcare System the Dynamic Balance.


The Dynamic Balance system provides a means to developing Community Health Collaborative in every area of the US and its territories. As a healthcare speaker, writer, and consultant, Dr. Dan Berman has explored the future of healthcare with clients ranging from Universities, Community Health and Mental Health Centers, Physician Group Practices and Networks, Hospital System Networks, Healthcare Innovators and Entrepreneurs, and Investors of Critical Healthcare Ventures. In addition Dr. Berman has adjunct appointments at Walden University, Nova Southeastern University, University of South Dakota, St Francis University of Pa, and St Joseph’s University of Pa. At these universities, previously mentioned, his educational focuses include but are not limited to: the Graduate Programs in Nursing Management and Leaders, Healthcare Innovation, and Healthcare Administration.
Dr. Berman, author and presenter for many professional articles, studies, and projects is currently working on several extensive writing projects related to healthcare reform and innovation. Dr. Berman has been involved in research dealing in mental health issues related to access for the chronically mentally ill populations and healthcare economic issues related to the need to provide prevention as a cost saving mechanism. Dr. Berman has been an avid writer and professional lecturer about issues related to Health Care Entrepreneurialism and Healthcare Innovation within large and small healthcare systems within urban and rural communities related to natural disaster healthcare risk management and the importance of implementation of effective cost effective measurements to maintain the key balance between funding streams and hospital operational costs. Dr. Berman’s passion towards healthcare reform is a result of the key issue that without Healthcare Entrepreneurialism and System Innovation Healthcare Reform will be extremely difficult to implement.
Dr. Berman presently holds faculty positions teaching in Healthcare Administration Programs at Rosalind Franklin School of Health Sciences and Medicine, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, St, Joseph’s University of Philadelphia, and Walden University. Dr. Berman in addition to consulting in the Healthcare Industry and to healthcare start-up companies, he is a sought after speaker at annual retreats, strategic planning sessions, and professional meetings/comferences.
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Dr. Berman has a BS and a MS in Nursing Leadership and Management from St, Joseph’s College of Maine. And he has a Doctor of Business with a specialization in Healthcare Administration and Healthcare Policy and Economics from Northcentral University.
He also is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Fellow of the American College of Addiction Treatment Administrators, He has also been recently given Fellowship Status as Healthcare Policy and Legislation Expert by the National Academies of Practice. And recently he was chosen as one of the Top One Hundred Healthcare Leaders in the US by the Top One Hundred International Leaders Magazine.